Sunday, October 5, 2008

If We Had It All +Story Post+

If We Had It All
Warnings: anal sex, male/male relationship, explicit sex
Characters: Zeke Parker and Miska Braun
Summary: Zeke has been away from his lover Miska for a month and he's hungry for his lover's touch. Miska gladly gives in to Zeke's desires.

“Hello pet,” Miska purred, smiling a bit at the familiar feeling of Zeke’s slender fingers kneading at the tense muscles of his shoulders. “Did you miss me?”

Zeke giggled and dug the pads of his thumbs more firmly into the base of Miska’s neck, rotating the digits slowly until his lover moaned and sank back into his chair.

“Of course I missed you,” Zeke cooed as he massaged Miska’s tense back, smoothly working out the knots that riddled the blonde’s lean muscles. “Nobody at school could ever satisfy me like you can. Not even that hunky soccer player that’s been chasing after me for weeks.”

“Danae? Don’t tell me that you slept with Danae.” Miska raised one platinum blond eyebrow and he turned his head so that he could peer up at Zeke over the frames of his silver reading glasses. “How was it?” He asked softly, his voice deceptively light and calm even as he narrowed his grey eyes up at the younger man.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want you to get upset,” Zeke whispered, keeping his voice low as he moved to sit astride Miska’s lap. “It was the worst sex that I’ve ever had. He couldn’t even get hard and he called me a whore when I made fun of him.”

Zeke’s had wormed down between his and Miska’s bodies and petted the hot bulge of his lover’s erection. “I don’t care how cute a guy is. If he can’t get hard for me then he’s useless.” He pressed a kiss to Miska’s cheek and leaned back slightly so that he could get a better look at Miska’s coldly handsome face.

“Make me forget about how bad it was,” Zeke purred as he tugged his thin tee-shirt up over his head, baring his thin chest to Miska’s suddenly hungry, wolfish, gaze. “Make me remember why I stay here with you.”

Miska licked his lips and lazily let a hand pet the silky back of Zeke’s bare thigh underneath his skirt. “Tell me that you want me to fuck you,” Miska demanded his voice dropping down to a husky growl that made Zeke’s aching cock leak even more against the soft satin of his panties. “Beg for my dick!”

Zeke’s answer rushed from his lips in a softly uttered exhalation. “P-please Miska,” he pleaded, clenching his fingers in the silk fabric of the blond Russian’s shirt. “I need you to fuck me.”

A gentle kiss was pressed sharply to Zeke’s tense and trembling jaw line and Zeke squealed loudly as his pale skin was nipped at by Miska’s unusually sharp teeth. “Is that all that you want me for?” Miska asked, busying his hands with his lover’s firm ass cheeks.

“You don’t want anything else?” Miska questioned Zeke while rubbing the tip of one finger over the tightly clenching bud of his lover’s asshole. “So I could just fuck you dry and leave you to find your own pleasure?”

Zeke’s blue eyes widened and a hint of genuine fear filled their sky-blue depths. “Oh please don’t do that to me,” he cried out, fisting the collar of Miska’s shirt hard enough to send buttons flying. “I want to come for you!”

The Russian grinned, flashing his sharp teeth up at Zeke’s lust slackened face. “You already want to come?” He asked, closing his fingers around the waist band of Zeke’s damp panties and slowly drawing the sodden fabric over curve of the young man’s taut buttocks and partially down his smooth thighs.

Zeke nodded frantically, causing his thick black hair to spill over his and Miska’s sweaty bodies. “Fuck me Miska” he snarled emphatically. “I need to have you inside of me!” Quickly Zeke shoved his hand into Miska’s pants and pulled his thick cock out.

The fleshy rod in Zeke’s hand was almost too hot for Zeke to handle. It was of a good size, a little over nine inches in length with a respectable girth of two inches. Already the half-erect cock was almost filled with blood, pale skin darkened with a pretty blush.

Zeke stroked Miska slowly, tightening his grip every so often so that he could watch the taller man’s eyes roll back into his head as he fucked Zeke’s fist. His lips parted, slicked with a gloss of saliva, and he whined softly when Miska roughly pushed one finger into his asshole through the back of his panties.

“Fuck me please,” Zeke begged, rocking down into the shallow thrusts from Miska’s index finger. “I need to feel more of you!”

Miska managed to grin up at Zeke’s flushed face and tear off the young man’s panties in one smooth and coordinated movement.

“Spread your legs a bit sweetie,” Miska husked, pressing the leaking head of his cock into Zeke’s asshole, smiling when his lover’s entrance made a cute sucking noise around him.

“You’re so cute...” Miska grunted as he sunk into the slick heat of Zeke’s body. “I could fuck you all day baby.”

Zeke sobbed loudly, his breath catching in his throat as his prostate was hit repeatedly. He couldn’t think clearly except to form the words “harder, Oh Miska, give it to me”.

Miska groaned against Zeke’s sweaty collarbone and he clenched his hands around the young man’s ass cheeks, flexing his hips so that he could bury himself deeper into that slick entrance. “Fuck baby,” he grunted, his eyes screwing shut from t he sensation that was running up and down his spine. “I’ll give it to you as hard as you like.”

The sound and scent of sex filled the room as Zeke and Miska rutted together. Zeke muffled his sobs into Miska’s hair, crying out in pleasure against the platinum blond mane.

Miska’s low groans were less audible than Zeke’s cries but he sound of them made Zeke fuck himself even harder against the cock that was pushing into his body.

Suddenly Zeke’s slender body stiffened and a choked off cry escaped from his throats as his pretty pink cock twitched and jerked against his stomach, covering Miska’s shirt with semen. His mouth with their full red lips dropped open and he sobbed his lover’s name as his anal muscles contracted sharply around Miska’s dick.

“Come inside of me,” Zeke entreated, squirming against Miska’s body and begging for completion in a needy tone of voice. “I need to feel you blow your load inside of me.”

With a guttural cry in Russian, Miska emptied his semen into Zeke’s ass and leaned back in his chair as he struggled to stay awake. Zeke attempted no such thing; the dark haired man slumped against his lover’s chest, wiped out from the rough sex and half-unconscious in the afterglow.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Live and Love

Part One

“Adrian...” Zeke called out, leaning over the side of the leather couch in the living room. He peered intently at the open front door as his older lover Adrian walked into the room. “You were supposed to be home an hour ago,” Zeke whined, taking in how Adrian’s lanky body filled out a tight long-sleeved shirt and even tighter pair of leather pants with a sultry leer.

Adrian let his grey eyes travel along the length of Zeke’s lean body, clad only in a lacy pink thong, and his tongue darted out to lap at his lips.

“Hey baby, how has your day been?”

Zeke shrugged and smiled sweetly over at Adrian, the scar that curved along the corner of his full mouth flexing as he became more animated.

“Fine I guess, but I’ve been waiting for you like forever.”

At first Zeke’s voice was light and almost calm, but as he talked his voice deepened with poorly disguised anger. “What took you so long?”

Adrian sighed and pulled off his boots, resting them next to a pair of Zeke’s own boots. His scuffed combat boots looked out of place next to Zeke’s perfectly polished patent-leather crimson ankle boots. “The client asked for an extra and it took forever for me to do it. And then I got stuck in rush hour traffic on my way back here.”

“You were working for that wannabe Congressman um...Kenneth Rice right?” Zeke eyebrows scrunched together and he made a rather cute face as he thought. “Didn’t he hit on me at my birthday party?”

Adrian grinned. “I’m sure he did, love. Rice is known in the underworld for his excellent taste in men as well as for his generosity towards those men. That reminds me, what did he get you anyway?”

Silence for a moment.

Shit! I don’t remember that night very well,” Zeke murmured, still draped over the back of the couch. “Either he got me that glass dildo that we never use or front row seats for the opera. I don’t remember which one though.”

Zeke stared at Adrian as he walked over to the dining room table and picked up an apple from the bowl in the center.

“Something’s wrong isn’t it? Did something happen on the job?” Zeke’s blue eyes were worried and he clenched his fingers around the couch’s leather upholstery. “Did Rice do something to you?”

“As if I would ever let down my guard enough for that scumbag to get the jump on me,” Adrian snarled, tearing into the apple with a savage look on his face. “No that’s not what’s wrong. D’you wanna know what the problem is?”

Zeke nodded timidly.

“Rice wanted me to kill a lover of his that was asking for a little too much. That extra that I mentioned was for me, to make it look like autoerotic asphyxiation.”

At Zeke’s blank look, Adrian growled out, “That means that he wanted me to make it look like he accidentally hung himself while jerking off. He wanted to make sure that it couldn’t be connected to him.”

“What a piece of shit!” Zeke huffed, sliding back down so that he could recline on the couch. “He needs to get a taste of his own medicine.”

Adrian snorted rudely in between chomping down on his apple and drinking a beer. “And what do you suggest babe? Blackmail? Or murder?”

“Why do we have to do anything illegal?” Zeke wondered out loud, “Can’t we just call the police?”

“And tell them what exactly?” Adrian’s voice sounded angry still and Zeke was glad that he couldn’t see his lover’s face and the deep frown that was sure to be on it. “Do we tell them how I killed that poor man for money? Or do we explain how we know all of this information about Kenneth Rice’s personal life? Either way, legal means won’t help either one of us.”

Zeke pouted and crossed his arms over his chest. “I was just making a suggestion Dri. You don’t have to get so fucking bitchy. Don’t take it too seriously.”

Suddenly Zeke bolted up from the couch and glared at Adrian. “And it’s a major turn-off when you’re more of a girl than I am.”

Adrian froze, unsure whether or not Zeke was joking with him.

“Shut up Z.” Adrian huffed, “No one could be more of a girl than you.”

Zeke’s pout became more pronounced, “I’m not a girl. I’m just a little...dramatic sometimes. That’s all.”

“A little?” Adrian’s left eyebrow raised high as he stared disbelievingly down at Zeke.

He smiled sheepishly at Adrian and wriggled back into the nest of blankets and pillows on the couch. “Okay I’m a drama queen,” he admitted, “but you and Carance love me anyway.”

Adrian chuckled softly and relaxed against the wall, watching Zeke’s head bob in time with the music from the stereo on the wall. “Speaking of Carance, where is he? I didn’t think he had to work today.”

Zeke shrugged.

“He wasn’t here when I woke up this morning and his phone is off,” Zeke murmured, “it was really cold without him in bed this morning. I hate it when you two have to leave so early in the morning.”

A whine inserted itself into Zeke’s husky voice and he slumped to the side. “I’m so fucking horny. I haven’t gotten laid since yesterday afternoon...”

Adrian rolled his eyes even though he knew that his love couldn’t see him. “You have a one-track mind.”

“Your point is...?”

“Don’t you think of anything else? All you ever talk about is sex.”

Underneath the thick blankets Zeke made a frustrated noise from deep in his throat and growled loudly before snapping at Adrian. “I’m a fucking stay-at-home mom,” he hissed, his voice deepening to the point where it became a raspy whisper, “All I have to think about is sex and my children. Gin and Yuushi aren’t home yet so all I have left is sex.”

He sighed, blowing air through his pursed lips in a large rush. “Is it so bad that I like sex so much?”

Adrian shook his head and strode into the kitchen, tossing the apple core into the garbage and grabbing another beer from the cooler. “Of course it’s not a bad thing babe, but what do you do when we’re not fucking you?”

Zeke had gotten up off of the couch when Adrian had walked into the kitchen. He wound a blanket tight around his slender waist and followed his tall, blond lover into the dimly lit kitchen.

“I read, I guess,” Zeke leaned against the counter and watched Adrian’s throat work as he swallowed. “Or I work out. You know I’m lazy.”

Adrian pressed a kiss to Zeke’s forehead and stroked a hand down his lover’s back, tracing the knobs of his spine with lightly callused finger tips. “Yeah you’re a lazy little queen,” Adrian said teasingly as he dipped his fingers underneath the top of the rough cotton blanket and stroked along the cleft of his ass.

“But that’s what makes you so intriguing.” He kissed Zeke’s jaw gently and then pulled away before he got carried away.

“Oh, Adrian,” Zeke gasped, wrapping his arms around Adrian’s neck and trying to get his lover to kiss him again. “Why’d you stop kissing me?”

His lips were glossy and swollen with passion and his eyes were already glazed over. “Aren’t you gonna fuck me?”

Adrian shook his head and gently pulled away from Zeke.

“I have to let my boss know that I finished the mission Z,” He curled his fingers along the nape of Zeke’s neck. “I should have gone straight there after I finished, but well...I wanted to see you before I went back.”

“You can’t leave me!” Zeke demanded his eyes wide and filled with so much anger that it was hard for Adrian to meet them. “I’ve been waiting for you all day and I’m not going to let you go so easily.”

He clung to Adrian tightly, refusing to let go even though he knew that he was acting immaturely.

“Stop it Zeke,” Adrian demanded, trying to extract himself from Zeke’s clinging embrace without hurting the smaller man. “I have to deliver my report.” He closed his hands around Zeke’s narrow wrists and then gently pushed away from his frantic lover.

Zeke cried out and struggled to keep a hold on his lover. “Please stay with me,” he sobbed.

Something was wrong with Zeke, Adrian realized as he noticed the tears that were dangling from the tips of his younger lover’s lush eyelashes. “Okay baby,” he murmured sadly, letting go of Zeke’s wrists and walking past him over to the couch. “I’ll turn in my report later.”

Immediately Zeke’s mood changed from angry to adoring and he eagerly followed the tall blond over to the couch. He waited until Adrian was comfortably seated on the leather couch before letting the blanket drop to the ground and launching himself into his love’s strong arms.

Adrian kissed him then, taking his mouth with such skill that the dark haired man melted against his chest and moaned softly.

He pressed his body closer into Adrian’s and squirmed languidly as his lover’s tongue flicked over the roof of his mouth. His erect cock peeked over the waistband of his thong and rubbed gently over the front of Adrian’s shirt, leaving a sticky trail of pre-cum to smear over the soft fabric.

All Zeke could think about was the feel of the shirt rubbing over the sensitive head of his cock and the way that Adrian’s hands clenched over his ass cheeks as they rutted together.

But then Adrian’s cell phone began to ring loudly.

Zeke knew what was going to happen before Adrian did and he pulled away from Adrian’s kisses with a morose look on his pretty face. “Go on and answer it,” he mumbled, sliding out of Adrian’s warm lap and curling up under the blanket in the corner of the couch.

Adrian gave Zeke an apologetic glance and then got up off of the couch to go and answer his phone.


It seemed as though Adrian had been on the phone for hours instead of fifteen minutes but Zeke had had enough. He sat up on the couch and wriggled out of his underwear, keeping an eye on Adrian as he paced in and out of the kitchen muttering furiously into his phone’s mouth piece the entire time.

Zeke’s cock jutted up from a neat patch of black pubic hair and it twitched as he rubbed the damp tip lightly. He spread his legs slightly and wrapped his fingers around himself, moaning softly as he touched himself.

He worked his cock with one hand, teasing himself with the light touches while keeping a close eye on Adrian’s large form. His breath hitched as he stroked himself roughly and rocked his hips up into his hand’s tight grip.

Adrian looked over in the direction of the couch when he heard one of his lover’s soft moans and moved the phone away from his ear. “Are you alright, love?” he asked softly, walking over to the couch and leaning over so that he could look at Zeke.

What he saw made his mouth dry out and his cock twitch in his pants. Zeke’s lean, pale body was draped over the couch, bare and uncovered except for a winding cloth that was still wrapped around one slender leg. His hips thrust up into the air as he fondled himself and he moaned wantonly as he fucked his fist.

“W-what are you doing?” Adrian stammered, his eyes moving down the length of Zeke’s beautiful body.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Zeke managed to gasp out through clenched teeth as he moved his hand faster. “You were on the phone and I was horny.” His eyes fluttered closed and he whimpered Adrian’s name as he rocked his hips in tiny little circles against his fingers.

Adrian was torn between wanting to join Zeke on the couch and his need to inform his boss about his completed mission. Zeke glanced up at him with mischief shining in those bright blue eyes and smiled up at him. “Are you gonna be finished with your call anytime soon?”

Adrian tossed his cell phone aside carelessly, his eyes focused on his lover’s gorgeous body.

He spread his legs wide against the couch, letting Adrian have an excellent view of the path that his slender fingers were taking.

Slowly Zeke pushed two fingers inside of his asshole, moaning loudly as he stretched himself. He was slick and tight and soon Adrian found himself rubbing his hand absently over the persistent press of his cock against the front of his pants.

“Are you going to fuck me soon?” Zeke asked in a low purr, almost choking on a moan as he worked a third finger into his entrance. “Or will I have to do it myself?” Zeke’s free hand slipped down from where it rested on his flat stomach to fumble around underneath the edge of the couch until he came up with a large vibrator.

“I thought that you got rid of that thing!” Adrian muttered under his breath, feeling a pang of jealousy in his chest as Zeke pressed the head of the toy into his entrance.

“I did,” Zeke promised feverishly, “Carance bought me a new one for my birthday.”

He rocked the toy into his asshole slowly, fucking himself and moaning Adrian’s name.

Adrian licked his lips as he stared at the toy that was breaching his lover’s entrance and he found himself taking a step towards the writhing form of the younger man’s lithe body.

“I’ve gotta fuck you,” Adrian gasped out, quickly unbuttoning his pants and lifting his cock out. “Please baby, let me fuck you…” Zeke’s eyes narrowed as he focused on Adrian’s cock and his breath rushed out of her chest in a soft moan when Adrian’s fingers closed around the length of his erection.

“Ohhh… go ahead Dri,” Zeke breathed out, twisting the toy inside of his body and then crying out as the toy pressed against his prostate. “I need you to fuck me!”

His lips parted and he cooed up at Adrian, lust gleaming in his blue eyes. Adrian’s eyes were dark with desire and he fisted his erection harder.

“Take that thing out of you,” Adrian commanded, his voice dropping to a low growl. He enjoyed the way that Zeke’s eyes widened and his breath quickened noticeably as he pulled the dildo out of his ass.

He moved to kneel on the couch between Zeke’s legs and lined his cock up with that fluttering entrance. “Tell me how much you want me,” Adrian growled out, “Tell me how badly you want my dick inside of you.”

Zeke shook his head stubbornly and pouted up at Adrian.

“Don’t make me say it,” Zeke pleaded, screwing up his face as the bulbous head of Adrian’s cock pushed inside of him. “I’ll sound like a whore.”

“What did you think you sounded like,” Adrian snarled into Zeke’s ear,”...when you were fingering yourself and moaning my name?” He thrust his cock further inside of Zeke’s body wringing a wail from the younger man’s mouth.

“Or maybe you don’t want me to fuck you after all,” Adrian mused, tensing his muscles as if he was preparing to pull out of Zeke’s tight entrance.

“I do want you!” Zeke cried out, clinging tightly to Adrian’s well muscled body. “I want you so bad that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

His blue eyes were sincere and filled to the brim with desire. Adrian lowered his head and stole a kiss from Zeke’s swollen lips. “Tell me.” he whispered softly, “I’ll believe you.”

Zeke’s eyes cleared up from the haze of lust that was obscuring them and he smiled sweetly up at Adrian. “I feel so empty when you’re not inside of me that I wish that you could make love to me forever.” He touched his fingers to Adrian’s cheek in a tender caress and smiled. “I love you so much that it hurts. And when you’re at work and when Carance is busy with the kids, I lock myself in my room and finger myself until I cum with your name on my lips.”

He surged up to press a kiss to Adrian’s lips and then settled back on the couch with a needy, open look on his face. “There’s more I’m sure,” he breathed, “but right now I need you to give me what I want...”

Zeke soon got his wish.

Adrian snapped his hips once, grinning to hear the choked off cry of his name as Zeke jerked beneath him.

Zeke was so beautiful and wanton as he gazed up at Adrian through heavy-lidded eyes. His right leg dangled precariously over the back of the couch while his left leg rubbed restlessly against the golden silk of Adrian’s hip. And his hair, that glorious mass of blue-black silk was strewn all over the side of the couch and over the floor.

Adrian stopped moving and let his hands drift over Zeke’s soft skin once he was buried to the hilt in that hot clench.

“Why’d you stop moving?” Zeke whined, pushing at Adrian’s chest as if that would get his lover to start thrusting once more. Adrian merely smirked and then did something with his hips that sent Zeke into a fit of near mindless pleasure.

“Was that what you wanted?” The look on Adrian’s face was absolutely feral as he twisted and shifted inside of the slick heat of Zeke’s body.

Zeke could barely manage to focus on Adrian’s grinning face, but he managed a shaky nod before another thrust from Adrian turned him into mush. Soon, all Zeke could do was moan and sob again and again as he was all but pounded into the leather couch.

Within no time at all Zeke’s body tightened around Adrian’s, from the press of his long fingernails into the skin of his lover’s broad shoulders to his asshole’s viselike grip on Adrian’s cock.

He shuddered and cried out his climax as he spilled his semen over his heaving chest.

“You look so lovely,” Adrian murmured lovingly, pressing his nose into the shadowy, slightly sweaty hollow behind Zeke’s left ear. “All I want is to cum inside of you...” His fingers clenched on the slippery expanse of Zeke’s bony hips as he mumbled.

Zeke’s eyes made a valiant effort to try and focus on Adrian’s face.

“Please! Please... oh god Adrian, please cum inside of me!” Zeke moaned, pushing his hips back into the cradle of Adrian’s hips and clenching his anal muscles around his lover’s erection.

His breath caught in his throat as Adrian’s cock jerked and swelled against the slightly sore muscles of his entrance and filled him with cum. He clung to Adrian’s body, shaking slightly and sweating buckets as the older blonde pressed feverish kisses against his jaw.

“You were so good,” Adrian murmured lovingly once he pulled out of Zeke’s body, carding his fingers through the sweat soaked fringes of Zeke’s dark hair, “You tasted so good and you looked so beautiful beneath me.”

He kissed the corner of Zeke’s well formed mouth. “You’re so very beautiful, my kitten.”

Zeke sighed and smiled up at Adrian with tired eyes. “You’re so sweet,” he mumbled blearily before his eyes shut and he drifted off to sleep with a happy little smile on his lips.

When Adrian was sure that Zeke couldn’t hear him he pressed a kiss to the young man’s forehead. “I love you so much,” he said softly, “I only wish that you could tell me what’s wrong with you.”


The sound of softly shifting fabric alerted Adrian to his other lover’s presence and he looked up to see Carance standing in the kitchen archway and sipping at a beer.

“Is he sick?” Carance asked softly; worry shining in those gold eyes. “He seemed fine last night.”

Adrian frowned and gently arranged Zeke so that the younger man wasn’t half-falling off of the couch any longer. He stood up carefully, still a little out of sorts from the amazing orgasm that Zeke had practically squeezed out of him.

“You should have seen him earlier,” Adrian remarked, his lips curving up in a wry smirk as he recalled the way that Zeke had acted. “He was normal at first, our little sex kitten, but the second I told him that I had to go back to work and that we wouldn’t get a chance to fuck, he freaked out on me.”

“Maybe he’s addicted to sex,” Carance offered. The two men shared a silent look before simultaneously bursting into laughter.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed his mood swings?” Adrian murmured, whispering as he covered Zeke’s bare body with one of the blankets that were on the couch. “Or the cravings?”

“Cravings?” Carance looked confused.

“You do remember that for a whole week the only thing that Zeke would eat was homemade tamago? We ended up having to have his favorite chef flown in from Tokyo just to cater to his whims.”

Carance shrugged. “So? Maybe he was just homesick or something. What does that have to do with anything?”

“I know you don’t believe me, but promise me you’ll keep an eye on him for me. I have to go down to Mickey’s place to put in my report and drop off my guns.”

He kissed Carance quickly on the lips, still tasting of Zeke’s kisses and was out of the door before his shorter lover could even blink twice.

Carance sighed and plopped down beside Zeke on the couch. He glanced down at the cupid’s bow of his lover’s full lips and resisted the urge to kiss them.

“The next thing you know, Dri’ll be telling me that he knocked you up. He’s so paranoid sometimes, but that’s kind of cute.”

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Model Behavior

Title: Model Behavior
Words: 3689
Characters: Zeke Parker, Sinlily Grey, Cadence, Vincent, and David
Warnings: slutty!Zeke, alliteration, kinky sex, BDSM, mild drug use

“Alright Zeke,” Sinlily Grey watched as his best model walked into the main room of the brightly lit studio with his long hair loose and his slender body clad only in a see through black robe and a g-string in the same color.

“Lose the robe and join Cadence on the couch. I want you to straddle his lap like you’re riding him.”

Zeke nodded and let the rode drop to the floor, loving the way that Sinlily’s staff stared at his almost completely bared body.

His partner, the blonde beach bunny Cadence stared as well, licking his lips and shifting against the couch. His cock hardened noticeably, straining against the fabric of his g-string.

“It’s nice to see you up before noon sugar,” Cadence pressed a chaste kiss to Zeke’s lips as the younger man straddled his lap tentatively, “I thought that the boss would have had to pour water on you like the last time.”

Zeke blushed lightly at first, but then as Cadence’s hand cupped his ass on Sinlily’s orders, his cheeks darkened to red.

“Arch your back Zeke,” Sinlily murmured lowly as he moved closer, snapping pictures the whole time, “You’re supposed to look enraptured by his touch, not frightened by it.”

Cadence grinned at Sinlily over Zeke’s head and then dipped his fingers underneath the back of Zeke’s thong, skimming his fingers over that tightly furled entrance until Zeke yelped and rocked down on them.

Sinlily snickered as Zeke’s eyes widened and he fired off a few more shots while the young model was stunned. “Zeke lift yourself up on your knees and try to lean forward,” he murmured huskily, “As for you Cadence, I want you to start stretching him with two fingers. I want some close-up shots of his ass.”

Sinlily was one of the best erotic photographers in the business and he had a knack for finding models that simply oozed sensuality. Zeke was gorgeous and could go from playing a bashful virgin to an eager little slut. Cadence was golden all over and had no reservations whatsoever when it came to sex. If it was sexy and willing, chances were that Cadence would fuck it.

“You’re so slick inside,” Cadence mumbled as he started to thrust his fingers in and out of Zeke’s entrance, “I wish I could have watched you prep yourself.”

Zeke moaned something unintelligible and tried to reach a hand down to touch himself.

But Sinlily intervened.

“If you touch yourself before I give you permission,” he snarled, keeping his camera trained on the trembling muscles of Zeke’s back and buttocks, “I’ll dock your pay and make you wear a cock ring the next time you shoot with Cadence.”

Zeke whined and clasped his hands back around Cadence’s neck, gazing contritely at his boss as he continued to fuck himself on the blonde’s thick fingers. “I’m sorry Grey-san,” he choked on a moan halfway through the sentence, “I won’t let it happen again.”

“It’s alright Zeke,” Sinlily said as the young man’s eyes fluttered closed, “We’re almost done with Cadence for today. After him you’re going to be with Vincent and David. You’ll get to climax with this scene, but it’s up to Vincent if you get release with him.”

Zeke pouted but continued to rock his hips against Cadence’s flat stomach.

Five or ten more minutes of that and Zeke was a writhing bundle of need. His thighs were tense and his anus was spasming around the three fingers that were stretching him and rubbing over his prostate.

“You can finish him off now,” Sinlily said as he watched Zeke’s eyes glaze over, “If we go on any longer, he might not recover in time for Vincent and David.”

Cadence nodded and shifted Zeke in his lap, spreading him wide open and continuing the slow thrusts of his fingers even as he closed his other hand around his partner’s erection.

Within moments, Zeke’s back arched and semen spurted from his erection and coated Cadence’s hand. The blonde raised his hand and licked the creamy fluid off of his fingers before letting Zeke slip out of his lap and onto the couch.

Cadence was still very aroused, the red tip of his cock was poking over the top of his g-string and he was limping slightly.

Zeke blinked up at him blankly and reached out a hand to draw Cadence back down on the couch. But once again, Sinlily stopped him.

“He can take care of his little problem on his own,” the photographer snapped, “We need to clean you off before Vincent gets here. He won’t touch you if you taste like someone else. That’s why you can’t help Cadence. Remember? We’ve only been through this a dozen times.”

Cadence smiled reassuringly down at Zeke and slipped on his own robe. “It’ll be fine Zeke. I’ll just have one off in the shower. Watching you orgasm was the sexiest thing ever.”

After the blonde left, Sinlily called for two of his female staffers to wipe Zeke down and get him prepped for the next scene.

“I want him in the red leather monoglove and the matching hot pants with the button snaps in the crotch,” Sinlily said as he started to look at the pictures on his computer, “Lube him up and put in the large vibrating butt plug before you dress and lotion him. And don’t let him cum on that bed Mina, Brie.”

While his assistants took care of the young model and put him on a bed specifically set up for the S&M scenes, Sinlily went through the dozens of photos that he took as well as the video footage that his apprentice Neni had taken.

“You look good with Cadence,” Sinlily said as Zeke glanced his way, “I can’t wait to see how you handle Vincent’s boyfriend instead of your usual partner.”

“I’ll probably end up fighting with him like I do with all of my new partners,” Zeke said in between gasps as Mina spread his legs and started to finger him, “But we’ll fuck anyway if Vincent wants it. After all, he demands nothing but the best behavior from his submissives.”

Soft laughter from Sinlily made Zeke raise one eyebrow as he looked over at his boss. “What?”

“David isn’t a sub. Or at least he’s not subbing today. David and Vincent are going to take you from both ends, spank you with a paddle for a BDSM scene, and then move into double anal. You’ll be lucky if Vincent touches your dick.”

Zeke pouted and spread his legs so that Mina could push the plug inside of him. He gasped softly and rocked his ass back into that touch until a hard slap came down on his ass cheek. “Behave Zeke,” Mina said as Brie closed a cock ring around the base of his reawakened erection,”Vincent will have to punish you if you act like this during the scene.”

Subdued, Zeke let the two women finish dressing and preparing him for his upcoming scene.

He let himself drift into the peaceful sanctity of his mind, half asleep and content even as his arms were bent back so sharply.

While Zeke dozed, Sinlily took several photographs of the sleeping young man. Zeke was even more beautiful asleep than he was awake then he was in the throes of passion. His long hair was pulled back into a high ponytail while a thick leather and steel collar was wrapped around his throat.

“He really is pretty,” Mina whispered as she picked up the things that she had used on the pale skinned erotic model, “Can he handle Vincent and David? He doesn’t even look as if he could take Cadence’s dick.”

Sinlily smiled as Zeke made a soft sound in his throat and rose up on his knees even further, baring his thighs to the photographer’s camera.

“Excuse me sir,” Brie walked up to Sinlily and tapped him on the shoulder, “They’re here.”

“Send them in,” Sinlily said, “And make sure you’re recording everything. This is going to be fun.”

Vincent was tall, dark and handsome. He was all dark, sleek muscle and dark brown hair. His partner and sometimes-sub David was his physical opposite. David was blond, platinum blonde, with cold green eyes and pale skin.

He stood a little behind Vincent like a good sub should.

Neither man noticed Zeke until Sinlily led them over to the bed.

Their reactions were surprising.

Vincent’s dark face brightened with a smile and he stroked Zeke’s flank almost tenderly. “He’s gained weight since the last time I had him. David, this is the boy I was telling you about. He’s so responsive to even the slightest touch and he’s so very obedient.”

David merely rolled his eyes and kept silent. The pale man was torn between anger for the familiarity and affection that his dom was showing towards the sleeping sub and admiration for the way that the boy could sleep in such a painful position.

Sinlily caught David’s eye over Zeke’s body and smiled as he took a few more pictures.

“Zeke is one of the most flexible models that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. It took him a while, but he trained himself to be able to do the reverse prayer position for a half hour at a time.”

Vincent licked his lips and his hungry gaze alighted once again on Zeke’s body. “He couldn’t do it for very long before. What poor soul had the task of binding his arms and caring for him?”

Sinlily shrugged, “He wouldn’t tell me.”

“It doesn’t matter,” David snarled as he undressed, “We’re not being paid by the hour you know.”

Vincent gave David a look but followed in his sub’s example until he was down to a leather thong.

“I apologize for David,” Vincent said as he pulled his hair back and out of the way, “He’s never met a sub like Zeke before and I may have been a bit too eager to see them together. “

Sinlily smiled and handed Vincent the remote for Zeke’s plug, “I’ll get out of the way and leave you two to wake him up. Neni and Mina will be handling all of the work for this scene. I have to finish editing the pictures from Zeke’s earlier shoot.”

With a damn near malevolent smirk on his face, David wrapped his fingers around the base of Zeke ponytail and yanked hard on it. Zeke cried out as he was rudely awakened and he started to glare at David before he noticed Vincent standing next to him.

“Master,” Zeke cried, flinging himself into Vincent arms and covering his face with kisses, “I missed you.”

Vincent smiled against Zeke’s lips and deepened the kiss hungrily; tasting Zeke’s need and drinking it down.

In the meanwhile, David seated himself on the bed near the headboard and stroked himself through his thong as he watched his dom make out with the petite sub.

Too soon for Zeke’s liking, Vincent pulled away and sent him to sit down on the bed between David’s legs.

Zeke fell into subspace easily, and even though he didn’t like David, he was able to curl up in the older man’s lap and nuzzle him through the leather.

David’s breath hitched noticeably as Zeke started to lap at his stomach and around the waistband of the thong. Zeke’s tongue was rough as it licked delicately at David’s skin.

“Stop teasing slut,” David groaned as he used Zeke’s ponytail as a handle to force him lower down his body, “And suck my dick.”

Zeke whimpered and then cried out as Vincent turned on the plug. “Please Master,” Zeke whimpered as he rubbed his cheek over the bulge of David’s erection as he trembled from the intense vibration against his prostate. He couldn’t finish his sentence, but Vincent knew what he wanted.

“Go ahead pet,” Vincent cooed as he got to work on removing Zeke’s shorts, “Show him how good you are with your mouth. And you better not let him choke.” That last part was directed towards David and the blond nodded as he pulled his briefs off without letting go of Zeke’s ponytail.

David’s cock was a slightly darker shade than his pale white skin. He was so hot against the bow of Zeke’s lips and so very lovely. All Zeke could do was open his mouth and accept the push of David’s erection into his mouth.

David handled Zeke masterfully, using the boy’s ponytail to guide him up and down his cock as he watched Vincent root through his bag of toys. Zeke’s mouth was moist and hot and perfect. On a particularly hard thrust, David’s eyes crossed as the tip of his cock slid into Zeke’s throat.

“Oh fuck,” David groaned as Zeke swallowed around him and he started to thrust into the clenching heat of his throat, “May I cum Master? Please, I can’t take this any longer.”

Vincent looked over at where Mina was busy with her camera. The woman held up a finger in the universal gesture for “hold on a second” and made her way over to the bed. Carefully she kept out of Neni’s way and snapped a few shots of Zeke mouth stretched around the impressive girth of David’s penis before she gave Vincent the thumbs up and backed up

“Go ahead David,” Vincent purred as David’s eyes rolled back into his head, “You’ve earned it.”

David groaned and clutched Zeke’s head in his hands as he orgasmed. He slumped back against the head board and let go of Zeke.

Before the boy could choke, Vincent yanked him up off of David by his ponytail.

“I thought I taught you to swallow everything that you’re given,” Vincent murmured as he slid two fingers into Zeke’s mouth and held it open, “You’re not being a very good sub.”

Zeke whimpered as Vincent told him exactly what was going to happen to him.

“I’m going to paddle you for not swallowing David’s cum and you’re going to count every single slap,” Vincent said lowly, “And then we’re going to spread you open and fuck you. That’s all that a slut like you deserves.”

Zeke mewled as Vincent started to stroke his left nipple and then pull sharply on the piercing that went through the tiny bud.

“Yes Master, I’m a slut,” Zeke sobbed as he was once again pushed down onto his knees, “I’m a dirty whore. I need to be punished.”

Vincent smirked at that. “That’s right pet. Now hold on to David. Do you remember your safe words?”

Zeke nodded and then uttered a short, sharp scream as the paddle came down on his ass. Vincent had bought a paddle just to use on Zeke. The paddle was over a foot long and had the word “SLUT” cut out of it.










“Oh gawd,” Zeke shrieked as that last blow forced the butt plug deeper into his body, “Fiiiiive!” His face was smashed into the side of David’s thighs and he started sobbing.

“Keep counting,” Vincent said as he readied the paddle for another blow, “We’re almost done.”


Zeke’s back arched and instead of saying a number, he shrieked his safe word.

“Good boy,” Vincent cooed as he wiped the sweat from Zeke’s forehead, “You’re such a good boy. You remembered to use your safe word. I’m so proud of you.”

He let Zeke slump all of the way into David’s lap as he undid the zippers and laces of the monoglove. Zeke’s arms were lined with bruises and he winced slightly as Vincent brushed his fingers over a particularly vivid bruise that darkened his wrist.

“Are you ready for us?” Vincent murmured as he watched David stroked Zeke’s face,”Or do you need time to calm down?” Zeke smiled shakily up at him and leaned into David’s feather light caresses. “M’kay,” he slurred as he pulled Vincent down into a sloppy kiss,” I wan’ both of you inside of me. Boss made sure I was stretched.”

Vincent smiled and patted Zeke on the head, “You’re so eager aren’t you. You want both of us to spread your fuckhole open and stretch you all the way open don’t you?”

Zeke nodded eagerly let himself be pulled into Vincent’s lap, his back pressing against the older man’s stomach. The older man’s fingers pulled the plug out and quickly replaced it with his fingers. With his other hand, Vincent reached for the lube and slicked up his cock.

His dick slid into Zeke’s entrance with almost no resistance whatsoever and he groaned at the snug fit. “You’re so tight for a little whore aren’t you,” Vincent groaned as he thrust shallowly into Zeke’s body,”Can you imagine how it going to feel to have David inside of you too?”

“Uhn...Master,” Zeke gasped,” I need…I need…”

“Hush pet,” Vincent breathed into Zeke’s ear, watching David slick himself up out of the corner of his eye, “I know. Just be patient.”

At the first press of David’s cock into Zeke’s entrance, a thin cry escaped the boy’s lips.

“Ooooh,” Zeke’s nails dug into David’s shoulder as he was stretched wider than he had ever been before. His eyes widened until the whites of his eyes were showing and tears started to pool in them before they started to run down his face.

“Fuck he’s tight,” David hissed as he rocked into that almost painfully tight clench, “He’s like a fucking virgin.”

Carefully Zeke raised himself as high as he could before slamming his body down on the two cocks inside of him. He screamed loudly, his face contorting in pain and pleasure. “Fuck me, oh gawd fuck me!”

Zeke’s face was flushed and he gazed up at David, eyes blank and unseeing as he was fucked. The blonde managed to smirk through the haze of pleasure that enveloped his mind and he kissed Zeke’s swollen lips hungrily.

David kissed like a starving man, using teeth and tongue to make Zeke even more aroused. The boy responded by working his hips even harder and contracting his anus around his partners’ erections.

He sobbed and clung to David as his prostate was hit and started to beg and plead. “Please take…ring off.”

Vincent reached around and fumbled with the clasp of the cock ring until he could get it off and toss it aside.

“Cum for us pet,” Vincent growled as he felt his cock brush against David’s as he drove himself into Zeke’s warmth.

A hoarse cry escaped Zeke’s lips as semen erupted from his cock to cover David’s chest. His inner muscles clenched around the cocks inside of him triggering a chain reaction that almost literally blew his mind.

David followed him over the edge, his cock swelling and spurting inside of Zeke’s entrance. It was so hot and unbelievably erotic that Vincent came too.

They shared a kiss over Zeke’s shoulder before Vincent pulled out of the boy’s still spasming entrance.

Zeke’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out.

“That’s a wrap guys,” Sinlily said as he walked over to the bed, “Go clean off when you can stand again and then we’ll go over your fees.”

David pulled out of Zeke gingerly and let Zeke curl up near the foot of the bed while he went to Vincent’s side.

Sinlily sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Zeke’s sweat dampened hair tenderly. “He did very well on his first double anal. He looked beautiful losing control like that.”

Vincent’s eyes widened slightly, “That was his first time doing that? No wonder he was so tight.”

Sinlily nodded, “His bodyguard told me that even though Zeke is very well experienced, he hasn’t had much variation in sex. If he has more than one partner for the night it’s usually a spit roast.”

Zeke moaned softly and struggled to sit up. His eyes were down cast and he clung to Sinlily’s hand.

“What’s wrong Zeke?” the photographer asked as he watched different emotions play across Zeke’s face, “Are you alright?”

Zeke shook his head, “Hurts. Hurts real bad.” He flinched as a wave of pain turned his bones to water and he sobbed, “Can you call Nida to come get me?”

Sinlily stroked Zeke’s hair as he asked Mina to “Run outside and get Nida.”

Nida was a tall perfect specimen of masculinity. He was well over six feet tall with black hair that reached his ass.

When he walked into a room everything with a pulse turned to stare at him and it wasn’t because of his height.

The tall man practically screamed “power-top”.

His stern face softened dramatically as he stood by Zeke’s side and he even smiled. “He overdid it again didn’t he? He’s going to be out of commission for days. Just put the money in his account like always.”

From his pocket Nida took out a syringe filled with s shimmering red liquid. “Give me your arm darling,” he ordered, “I have to dose you before the pain really starts to sink in.”

“What is that?” David asked as Nida pumped the red fluid directly into Zeke’s wrist,”Why are you drugging him?”

“It’s Bliss,” Nida said as Zeke slumped over unconscious, “He told me what he would be doing today and he wanted something to numb the pain.”

“If he needs anything, just let me know.” Sinlily volunteered, “His next shoot is in a week. Let him know that I’ll email him with the details.”

“Thank you Grey-san,” Nida wrapped Zeke in a faux fur throw and lifted the young man into his arms, “I’ll tell him when he wakes up.”

With that Nida walked out of the studio not even sparing a backwards glance for the men left on the bed.

Vincent and David shared a look and opened their mouths to ask Sinlily a question.

But he shushed them, “Trust me guys. You don’t want to know anything about Zeke beyond his kinks; it’s just not worth it.”

*End Model Behavior*

Gifted With Beauty

Gifted With Beauty

“I left something for you in front of your chambers,” Caligula’s uncle Tiberius leered lecherously up at him over the head of one of the slave boys that were tending to him. “Go see what it is. I’m sure you’ll enjoy my gift as much as I have.”

“Thank you Uncle,” Caligula replied lowly, hiding his distaste for the older man, “but I have lessons to attend. I can’t fall behind just for a gift.”

He knew that he had made a mistake the moment that the words slip past his lips. Tiberius growled loudly and shoved the slave boys aside as he stood up.

“You dare to put my gift aside!?” Tiberius reached out and grabbed the front of Caligula’s toga, “You have no right and no status yet you attempt to refute my gift to you.”

“No Uncle. My apologies Uncle.” Caligula said as he bowed as low as he could, “I only wished to finish up my studies and-“

“And nothing!” Tiberius shouted as he shoved Caligula roughly, “Get out of my sight you ungrateful brat!”

Caligula stood up, bowed once more to his incensed uncle, and strode back into the villa. His eyes flashed with indignant anger and he silently cursed his uncle as he made his way back to his rooms.

As he turned the corner into the corridor that led to his rooms, Caligula realized just what Tiberius’ gift was. Tiberius wouldn’t dream of giving his nephew money or books lest he use them against him.

The only thing that Tiberius would ever consider sharing with his nephew was sex. Hence, the beautiful slave boy that was sleeping soundly on one of Tiberius’ couches.

Caligula recognized Bellus instantly. The young slave was one of his uncle’s favorite slaves and he often paraded the youth around during orgies and other similar entertainments.

He thought back to when Tiberius had brought the then seven year old pleasure slave to the Villa Jovis. Caligula had been eleven or twelve years old at the time, just barely old enough to feel the first stirrings of lust as he looked at Bellus’s pretty, feminine face with their lush lips.

And of course the lecherous Tiberius had noticed at once, the attraction that his nephew had for his newest plaything.

“The little one’s name is Bellus,” Tiberius had remarked causally during their evening meal that same night, “I paid seventy-five aurei to have him trained in the sensual arts. Unfortunately for you, you will never have the pleasure of being serviced by him.”

Caligula had stared up at his uncle with disbelief and anger shining in his amber eyes as he struggled not to snap at the older man.

But even at that young age, he had already learned that it was best if he didn’t question his uncle lest he be punished for his insolence.

And for almost nine years, Tiberius had flaunted his ownership of Bellus underneath Caligula’s nose. Caligula had found himself resigned to the knowledge that everyone else could feel the touch of Bellus’s slender body except for him.

Because after all, he was only Tiberius’ ward. He was only a brat that the emperor had taken in and raised…Tiberius had beaten Caligula’s want for pretty things out of him shortly after Bellus arrived at the villa.

And Bellus had never been allowed to be alone with Caligula anywhere on Tiberius’ property. Of course Caligula saw him constantly; after all he was Tiberius’ most favored slave.

So why had he been given to Caligula?

Caligula stared down at Bellus’s slender body, staring hard as if to memorize the boy’s curves. “Why did Tiberius send you to me?” he snarled as the short slave gingerly sat up on the couch and clutched his clothing to his bare chest.

“I don’t-“Bellus paused as his master raised an eyebrow at him, “I don’t know why milord. He never tells me things. After all, I’m just a lowly slave boy trained to serve.”

He tucked a strand of hair behind his ear and lowered his eyes as Caligula moved to stand in front of him. It was a purely submissive gesture, one that made Caligula’s blood thrum in his veins.

“And how do you intend to serve me?” Caligula’s voice deepened to a husky purr and he touched a finger to the slave boy’s chin, tilting his head up.

Bellus’s plump cheeks darkened with a fierce blush and his vibrant blue eyes flashed up to look at his master’s handsome face. “Master I would do anything to serve you, to make you happy.”

Caligula’s full lips turned up in a lusty smile and he let his eyes travel down the boy’s body. “Anything?”

Bellus nodded eagerly and then yelped as his master grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the edge of the couch.

The pale skinned slave stared up at his master with wide eyes as the other’s silk toga fell to the floor. “M-master?”

“I wish for you to pleasure me with your mouth,” Caligula said as he stroked himself languidly. “And then I will take you.”

“You already have me,” Bellus promised feverishly as he closed his hand around Caligula’s throbbing length and pulled the foreskin back gently.

He lapped at the leaking tip slowly, savoring the taste of his newest master on his tongue. Caligula’s fingers wove into his hair and stared to pull him up and down on his cock. Bellus struggled to breathe through his nose as the force of Caligula’s thrusts pressed his large cock all the way into the back of Bellus’s throat.

“Such a good whore you are,” Caligula praised as he rocked his cock into Bellus’s hot mouth. Bellus purred happily at the compliment and hollowed his cheeks to deepen the suction.

Caligula rewarded Bellus with a soft pat on the head and moaned as the young slave swallowed around him. He glanced down at Bellus’s pretty face, taking in the way that the boy’s solid lace of eyelashes fluttered as he lost himself in his task.

“That’s enough,” Caligula groaned hoarsely.

Bellus ignored his master and drew deeply on that thick cock.

“I said –unh- That’s enough!” He gripped Bellus by the hair and pulled him way from his erection, using the thick black mass as a handle to bear the slave down to the couch once more.

Bellus’s breath hitched and he sat up slowly, eying Caligula as if he were expecting a blow. “I’m sorry master,” he breathed hesitantly, “I only wanted to please you. Please do not be upset with me.”

His bottom lip trembled as he gazed up at Caligula with fear filled eyes.

“Please don’t send me back to your uncle.”

His eyes were wide and started to fill with tears as Caligula stared down at him. “Please don’t send me back. You don’t know what he’ll do to me if I don’t please you…”

Caligula knew fear when he heard it, and fear was turning Bellus’s melodious voice into a nervous ruin. He knew that his uncle had some depraved sexual practices, but he adored Bellus to the point that he sold two of his most favored concubines in order to gift the young slave with jewelry and fine silks.

“Wh-what did my uncle tell you he’d do to you if I didn’t keep you?” Caligula asked softly even though he had already guessed the answer.

Bellus sighed heavily and seemed to fold in on himself. “Your uncle was very clear that he was becoming bored with me,” he said softly, “If I cannot please you, then he has no further use for me. If you send me back…”

Bellus’s voice broke on an anguished cry. “He’ll give me to the guards for their pleasure and when…when they’ve tired of me, he’ll have me executed.”

Caligula was no stranger to cruelty and violence, especially toward slaves, but there was something about the way that Bellus’s full bottom lip trembled with a barely contained sob that made the young lord want to protect him.

“I’m not upset with you at all,” Caligula murmured, “and I would never think of giving you back to my lech of an uncle. I am not a cruel man.”

Bellus stared up at Caligula, gratitude and hope shining in his eyes. ”Thank you Master.” His smile was heartbreakingly beautiful and Caligula couldn’t keep himself from taking the boy’s lips in a slow sweet kiss that was the culmination of all of the pent up tension and desire that Caligula held for Bellus.

Caligula held Bellus close, tucking the slave’s head under his chin and petting him gently as he felt the tension ease out of that lean body.

Tiberius had ruined a great many things for Caligula over the years, from the death of his parents and siblings when he was three to slaughtering his pet leopards in a fit of anger. But he was not going to ruin the tenuous bond that the young lord and the beautiful slave shared.

After all, Tiberius was old. And the Roman public would think nothing of it if their hated emperor were to “accidentally” slip and fall while taking his bath.

A cruel smile curved up the corners of Caligula’s lips and he stroked his hands possessively over Bellus’ bare back.

Yes…Caligula would end Tiberius’ reign soon enough. And then all of Rome would bow down to him and Bellus wouldn’t have that frightened look on his face any longer.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Story Post: It Started With A Kiss

It all started with a kiss from a porn star,

but it ended in the arms of a strange woman.

But hey, doesn’t everything?


“Are you sure that Yuki-san won’t mind if he comes home and finds us like this?” Zeke’s friend and on-and-off lover, the Japanese AV actor Akimoto Takumi glanced around the younger boy’s brightly decorated bedroom, taking in the childish decorations and the way that Zeke's body looked draped over the blood red bedspread of his mahogany framed four-poster bed.

At seventeen, Zeke was barely out of his teens and it showed in his eyes and in the way that he behaved like a spoiled brat whenever he didn’t get his way. His body was a slender frame wrapped in lean muscles, muscles honed from having sex more than twice a day, three hundred, and sixty-five days a year for over five years straight. That slender body was barely covered by a see-through robe and as Zeke shifted on the bed, Takumi was gifted with brief flashes of a tanned thigh or a tightly budded nipple.

“Are you trying to tempt me?” Takumi asked as Zeke shifted slightly and the robe’s loosely tied sash came completely undone. Zeke shrugged, rolling his shoulders so that the robe could slide down his body. “Maybe…Are you tempted?”

Takumi groaned low in his throat as Zeke caressed himself, sweeping a hand down the length of his body to stroke his half-hard penis and bring it to full attention. He took a step closer to the bed and then froze.

“What are you up to?” He asked warily, “You’re usually happy to wait for Yuki to come home to fuck you silly. What’s up with the sudden impatience?”

Zeke pouted and slapped his hand down onto the bed, “I don’t know and I don’t care. Just get up here and fuck me.”

“I can’t believe what I’m about to say but…No Zeke; we’re not doing this now.”

Zeke stared at Takumi as if he was crazy and then promptly said as much. “What the hell are you saying? You never say no to sex.”

It was Takumi’s turn to shrug and he looked at Zeke helplessly, “I know you and I know Yuki. If we fuck now, when he finds out, he’ll kill me.” Zeke giggled and crooked a finger at Takumi,”Then just come over here and kiss me Ta-kun.”

Against his better judgment, Takumi crossed the room and soon was standing by the side of the bed. Zeke blinked up at Takumi coquettishly, blinking those bright baby blues with their double layer of eyelashes up at the brown haired man.

His full red lips parted slightly and as Takumi watched with ravenous eyes; his pink tongue darted out to lap at them. That simple gesture completely undid Takumi and he lowered his head to kiss him. Zeke melted into the gentle kiss and raised his hands up to pull him closer.

The next thing that Takumi knew, he was flat on his back on the bed and Zeke’s mouth was sealed around the base of his penis.

He didn’t know how he got onto the bed or how Zeke had managed to get his underwear off without removing his pants. By the time, his mind cleared enough to realize what he was doing; all of the blood in his body had already rushed south. “Mmmm,” Takumi moaned as Zeke’s wicked little tongue curled around the tip of his erect penis,”Don’t stop. Oh god…Please don’t stop.”

“Yes Zeke, don’t stop on my account.”

Takumi opened his eyes (not even sure when he had closed them) and stared straight at Zeke’s long-term boyfriend Yuki. The tall blond was visibly seething, anger snapping like flames in his dark blue eyes.

“Yuki…” Takumi breathed. Zeke raised his head quickly and turned his head around so fast that his neck cricked.

His beautiful face was a mask of pure horror as he watched different emotions play over his boyfriend’s face. “Yuki,” Zeke gasped, leaving Takumi to tuck himself back into his pants and climb off the bed before sneaking out of the apartment, “You weren’t home and I was horny. Why are you so mad Yuki, you’re used to me fucking around.”

Yuki glared down at Zeke,” I told you I didn’t want you near that fucking porn star. You know that he doesn’t use condoms in most of his scenes. If you catch something from him, who do you think you’ll pass it on to first? Me! And then what will you do?”

Zeke looked about ready to cry, his eyes filled up with tears and his bottom lip trembled. “I’m sorry Yuki,” he gasped as he clung to the sleeve of his boyfriend’s button up blue shirt, “I didn’t have sex with him. Shouldn’t that count for something?”

“How would you feel if you came home found me blowing some slutty little twink?” Yuki snarled, shoving Zeke away.

Zeke blinked up at Yuki as though he was trying to figure out the answer to the question. “Is that supposed to be your idea of a joke? I’d probably suggest a threesome or something. As long as it’s a guy, I would never get too upset.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Yuki cried out, grabbing Zeke’s shoulders and shaking the younger boy roughly,” I hate the fact that I can’t talk some sense of monogamy into you. I hate feeling as if you’d drop me for the next guy who has a bigger dick than I do. I hate that I can’t trust you. Don’t you get it? How would you feel if I found a cute little virgin, brought him home, and replaced you with him?”

Zeke pouted petulantly and trailed his fingers down the front of Yuki’s shirt. “But we both know that you’ll never do that Yuki. Nobody in the world knows your body like I do.”

Yuki shoved Zeke again, this time using enough force to send him sprawling on the floor. Zeke cried out and stared up at Yuki disbelievingly, “You pushed me…Yuki…Why?” Yuki curled his lip as he let his cold gaze sweep over Zeke’s almost nude body. “You’ll never understand so just get dressed and get the fuck out of my house.”

Zeke’s eyes widened and a choked sob escaped his lips and he clutched the edges of his robe shut. “Wha-What?”

“You heard me the first time Zeke,” Yuki said his voice low and cold, “Get out.”


Zeke walked until his calves started to burn and he didn’t recognize where he was. He was still in Shibuya, he reckoned as the sky started to darken above his head. Therefore, he was still in his mother’s Yakuza territory and all was well.

Out of the corner of his eye, Zeke noticed a black Cadillac slowly creeping through the streets like a shark treading water. He recognized the driver instantly and a wry smile curved his lips. When he stopped moving, so did the car. Zeke turned around and motioned for the driver to pull up close to the curb, giggling at the dumbfounded look on the man’s face.

“I knew my mom didn’t trust me,” Zeke huffed as he threw himself into the passenger side, “but I didn’t think that she’d have you follow me around Nida-san.”

Hayato Nida was Zeke’s personal bodyguard, assigned to him for the sake of protecting the young boy from rival Yakuza gangs. He was tall, well over six-feet tall, with shoulder-length black hair and a muscular body that usually was kept hidden under an expensive Italian suit.

He also had been one of Zeke’s lovers from the beginning.

“Daiyu-sama doesn’t know,” Nida admitted as he turned the car off, ”Takumi called me and said that we had a situation. I caught up with you two blocks away from the apartment and followed you here. Do you want to talk about it?”


“But –”

“I said that I don’t want to talk about it Nida,” Zeke said softly and he hugged himself tightly, “I don’t think that I’ll ever want to talk about it.”

Nida grabbed Zeke’s wrist and used it to spin him around in the seat. “Leave me alone,” Zeke shrieked, yanking his arm out of Nida’s vise like grip and cradling his bruised wrist, “I don’t want to fucking talk about it. Not with you.”

He managed to clamber out of the car and, before Nida could get out, he took off running. Nida stared at Zeke’s form as it was swallowed up by the night and he felt his heart clench with worry.

Zeke was young and relatively innocent and Nida feared that something would happen to him.

“Damnit Zeke,” he whispered softly before turning back on the engine of his car and driving off.

Zeke was too fucking stubborn to listen to anything that Nida had to say. All Nida could hope was that in the morning, Zeke would call for a ride after having wild sex with a stranger all night.


“Hey cutie, do you wanna get a drink with me?” After leaving Nida, Zeke had ran away (feeling more and more cowardly with ever step) until he was sure that he was nowhere near any of his usual haunts. He had ended up in a park sitting on the rim of a stone fountain as he tried to will the pain away.

And people (both men and women, which surprised him to no end) hadn’t stopped hitting on him since.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not in the mood to-” Zeke looked up from his lap into a pair of large, pale breasts and his eyes widened.

“You look like you could use a beer,” the woman said as she plopped down beside him on the park bench, “C’mon cutie, it’ll be my treat.”

Zeke frowned slightly as he stared at the woman and he blushed when his gaze slipped down to her breasts. “If you insist…” he hedged.

“I certainly do,” she said with a smile, “I’m Nakata Kaname, but you can call me Ame.”

Zeke found himself smiling back, “I’m Zeke.”

Ame grinned and ruffled Zeke’s hair, “Now that I’ve got a smile out of you, what about that drink?”


Ame pulled Zeke to his feet and led him out of the park. “Cool, there’s a nice little restaurant down the street. They have the best sukiyaki for miles around and they have foreign beers by the keg-full.”

As Ame pulled Zeke along with her, Zeke stumbled behind her trying to keep up with her long strides. He blushed slightly as a lock of Ame’s curly hair coiled around his outstretched arm and his fingertips trembled as they pressed against the pulse point of her wrist. His tongue darted out to lick at his lips as Ame’s fingers flexed around his palm.

Zeke found himself licking his lips and imagining what it would be like to have those strong fingers exploring his body. Or what it would feel like to kiss Ame’s full lips.

Zeke’s eyes widened as he realized what he had been doing. Even though he had never found a woman sexually attractive, there he was ogling a woman when he had Yuki at home.

His heart clenched tightly at the thought of his blond haired lover and his fingers squeezed Ame’s hand tightly. He let go as soon as he realized what he was doing.

Ame didn’t say anything, but she turned and smiled reassuringly at Zeke as they walked into the restaurant. “Don’t worry,” she said, leading Zeke to a booth in the back of the dim, homey restaurant, “I don’t bite.”

She grinned impishly and groped Zeke’s ass boldly, “Well, not if you don’t want me to.”

Zeke felt his face flush with heat and he pulled away from Ame. “I don’t think so.”

He felt like he had to explain at least.

“I’m gay and I’m happily in a relationship right now. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. I could tell the first time I saw your hair, “Ame said, “You can’t be too happy with your man if you’re out all alone in the middle of the night. What happened?”

Zeke sighed and wiped at his eyes before he started crying again. “I’d like that drink now,” he said, his voice weary, “And you’re going to want one too. That’s the only way that this’ll make any sense to you.”


One hour, three orders of sukiyaki, and six beers later, Zeke and Ame were well on their way to being smashed.

“I’ve never fucked a girl before,” Zeke admitted as he snatched a bottle of sake right out of Ame’s hand and took a great swig from it, “I’ve never even kissed one before. All of my friends have done it, but I never found a girl that could stand how pretty I was.”

Ame gazed sadly at what had been her bottle of sake. “You’re a meanie,” she said, a pout pushing out her bottom lip, “No wonder you’re a virgin.”

“I’m not a virgin!” Zeke shouted, “I have lots of sex.”

“Then how come you haven’t had sex with a girl yet?” Ame said with a drunken smirk, “Are you scared?”

“Fuck you!”

“You wouldn’t know what to do with me.”

Ame leaned across the table and wrapped Zeke’s jet-black hair around her fist, bending his head at a rather extreme angle before she kissed him.

Zeke whimpered into the kiss and let Ame take control of the kiss.

When she pulled away, Ame grinned to see a dazed look on Zeke’s face.

“Please…” Zeke breathed as Ame let go of his hair, “Please.”

“I don’t live far from here,” she offered, “Do you want to come home with me?”

Zeke’s answer was a quick nod and a bright blush that darkened his cheeks.

“I’m going to have so much fun with you cutie.” Ame promised as she took Zeke’s hand in hers and kissed his knuckles gently.


Ame’s apartment was spacious. It was well decorated, but Zeke didn’t pay any attention to the details. All he could focus on was the sensation of Ame stroking his erection through his pants before pushing him back on the bed. With a wicked smile on her face, Ame pulled her long-sleeved shirt up over her head and tossed it aside. Her breasts gleamed like ivory against the black lace of her bra and Zeke swallowed nervously when he saw them.

His jaw dropped when Ame took her pants off and he blinked up at her. Fear shone in his eyes as he glanced up at Ame for a split second before he ducked his head and closed his eyes.

“I know this must be hard for you,” Ame whispered as she cupped Zeke’s chin in his hands, “but I wouldn’t hurt you. And you can’t hurt me. Please don’t be sad.”

When Zeke finally opened his eyes, Ame kissed him.


Ame’s kiss was gentle yet hungry at the same time, almost as if she could sense Zeke’s reluctance to be with a woman and was holding back. She moved her lips against his gently as her soft fingers worked at the buttons of his denim jacket.

Zeke gasped into the tender kiss as Ame found one of his nipples and stroked it through the rough cotton of his tank top.

“God you’re sensitive,” she cooed as his breath hitched and his hips rolled helplessly against her thigh, “I can’t wait to get you naked.”

Ame tugged Zeke’s jacket off and then smoothed her hands down the boy’s arms, earning a slow whimper from his throat. She pushed him down onto the bed and rode his body down on the way. She kissed along the straining muscles of his neck even as she plucked at the tight buds of his nipples, paying special attention to the left one with its silver piercing.

She wanted to see Zeke’s bare chest so badly that it made her half-mad. Her fingers longed to touch the tanned chest and stomach.

“Do you mind if I-” Ame tugged at the hem of Zeke’s tank top.


Of course, his tank top was the next piece of clothing to go, followed by his jeans. Ame licked her lips and sat back on her heels, staring approvingly down the length of that slender body. “You’re fucking gorgeous,” she purred as she trailed her fingers over the bulge in Zeke’s thong, “I can’t wait to fuck you.”

Zeke squirmed against the bed’s silk sheets and spread his legs restlessly. “Fuck me please,” he begged, sending his wanton gaze down Ame’s body.

Ame smirked and continued to tease Zeke through the flimsy silk fabric. Her smile was predatory as she watched Zeke undulate against her hand and she tugged at one of the thong’s side straps until he got the message. With trembling fingers, Zeke reached down and unsnapped the thong. He bared himself to Ame’s hungry gaze, blushing cutely as the brown-haired woman licked her lips.

“You’re even pretty down there,” she gasped as Zeke’s penis twitched under her intense gaze, “And you wax your pubic hair. That's so cute!”

She rubbed the tip with the pad of her index finger just to watch Zeke’s blue eyes roll into the back of his head and hear a strangled moan slip out of his mouth. Ame kept stroking that leaking slit until Zeke reared up on the bed, giving her frantic eyes as he clutched at her hand with both of his.

“Please stop,” he begged, even as he rocked his hips against her palm, “It’s too much! It’s too good!” His face was flushed as if with fever and his chest heaved as he struggled to control himself. He sat up slowly, blushing as he realized that he had nearly cum at that touch.

His hands slid up to clutch at her shoulders and he pulled her up to eyelevel. “Kiss me.” Zeke demanded in a husky whisper as he rubbed his thumbs over Ame’s cheeks. Ame smiled and kissed Zeke hungrily practically devouring him with teeth and tongue.

She wrapped herself around Zeke’s body, straddling him and rubbing against the heat of his erect penis. Zeke moaned softly and let his hands slide down to caress Ame’s pert ass through the scratchy silk of her panties.

“Take them off,” Zeke breathed into the kiss as he writhed against her body, “Please Ame-sama, I want to see you.”

Ame shook her head and then moaned as Zeke ground himself against the damp crotch of her panties. “You need to be patient,” she murmured as Zeke whimpered and arched his back. “Since I probably won’t see you again after tonight, I want to take it slow and worship your body. We’ll have time to go fast later.”

Zeke opened his mouth to protest that but Ame laid a finger across his lips. “Don’t talk baby,” She whispered softly, “Let me enjoy this.” Zeke stilled and was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek. Ame patted his shoulder and sat closer so that she could whisper in his ear.

“Do you want me to suck your pretty dick?” Ame asked a seductive smile on her pretty face. “I may not be as good at it as you are,” referring to their conversation in the bar, “but I’ll bet you that I can make your toes curl.”

Zeke whimpered audibly as Ame licked at his ear and his fingers clenched and unclenched around her hips. “Oh…Please.” His voice was low and breathy and he seemed undone by his desire for Ame.

That same desire had his heart fluttering in his chest, beating fast against the hand that Ame has used to brace herself. Suddenly, his boyfriend Yuki’s face flashed brightly in his mind for a moment and he sighed.

“”What’s wrong?” Ame asked.

“I’m scared,” Zeke admitted.

Ame kissed him and stroked his back, “Don’t be. This’ll be our little secret. You’ll go back to your life and I’ll go back to mine.”

“But what if I don’t want to?” Zeke asked, “What if I like having sex with you? What if I want more?”

Ame shrugged, “Honestly I don’t know but I’ll be damned if I let you kill the mood.”

Ame shoved Zeke down onto his back and slithered down his body, kissing a trail down his neck and down his chest. Her tongue lapped at his left nipple quickly as her clever fingers plucked at the other. His eyes fluttered shut and he stuffed his fist into his mouth so that he could gnaw on his knuckles.

His black hair was spread out over the red pillows and his eyes were shut tight as he panted.

“Please Ame-sama,” he sobbed, “I can’t take it anymore. I need more.”

Ame looked up at Zeke, ”What do you need?”

“I need you to suck me,” Zeke cried as his hips rolled fitfully.

“Are you sure?”


Zeke found himself splayed wide underneath Ame’s body arching trying to press closer to all that silken flesh as wicked tongue darted over the tip of his cock. His hands fisted in the sheets as he writhed and Ame’s name fell from his parted lips like a prayer.

Ame chuckled lowly around Zeke’s cock. A scream tore free from his throat and his eyes flashed white for a brief moment. His mouth opened and closed as he tried to collect himself.

His control dashed to pieces when one of Ame’s slender fingers wiggled past his entrance and rubbed over the spongy bump of his prostate and his back arched sharply. Ame pulled away and grinned at the disappointed whine that Zeke made.

“Hush chibi,’ she admonished, moving to sit by Zeke’s head and sticking her hand underneath one of her pillows. “ I’m gonna take care of you.”

Zeke whimpered and slid one trembling hand over his stomach and chest to pluck at one pebbled nipple. His other hand trailed down to his swollen erection and he stroked it lightly before Ame glared down at him and he jerked it away.

“I’m sorry Ame-sama.”

Zeke’s face flushed darkly with embarrassment and he squirmed at Ame’s knowing smile.

“I know baby,” Ame purred, “I just don’t want you to come too soon.” Dangling precariously from Ame’s fingers was a vibrator that glinted in the light.

Zeke’s adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed nervously and he squirmed eagerly as she brought the vibrator closer and closer to his skin. Ame first traced a line up the center of his body, giggling as Zeke tried to pull away.

She kissed him gently as she slid the tip of the vibrator over Zeke’s left nipple, pressing the vibrator’s tip to the metal ring lightly. Zeke’s face screwed up adorably and he whined as the dark pink bud puckered up.

“Please Ame-sama,” Zeke gasped into Ame’s mouth when the sensations grew too much to handle, “Please tell me you’re going to fuck me soon.”

Ame giggled again and patted Zeke’s stomach gently as she retook her place between Zeke’s legs. “Don’t I get something out of this too?” she teased as she pressed the vibrator into Zeke’s entrance.

Zeke’s breath hitched and tossed his head as he felt his muscles clench around the slender toy. His nerves were on fire and he panted softly as Ame fucked him with the toy.

“You’re so pretty like this,” Ame said with a smile as she twisted her wrist in order to wring a soft cry from Zeke’s lips. “Is this what your men see?”

Zeke was beyond coherent speech and he sobbed loudly as he rocked his hips into Ame’s thrusts.

“Please Ame-sama,” Zeke pleaded again, his face flushed and his fingers clenched in the sheets until his knuckles turned white. “Please just fuck me.”

Ame glanced up at him and breathed two words that were weighted with her desire.

“Make me.”


Zeke didn’t know what was more frightening, the knowledge that he was about to cheat on Yuki with a woman, or the fact that he was in the middle of the carnal act.

Ame wasn’t fucking him yet. Zeke hadn’t been able to convince her otherwise.

He hadn’t been able to make Ame do anything. In fact, Ame had wrestled him down onto the bed before he even had a chance to raise his body more than a few inches above the bed. But Zeke enjoyed the rough play and he had especially enjoyed Ame’s long fingers tugging his hair until he was facing her moist cunt.

It wasn’t as if Zeke was totally na├»ve when it came to women. After all, he had a sister like Natalee that was quite fond of lying around naked.

But there was a difference between Ame, a woman that he desperately wanted to fuck and Natalee, a woman that was related to him by blood. Maybe if Ame had fucked him already, if she had taken what she so obviously wanted from Zeke at the first chance, the teen wouldn’t have been so nervous.

“You don’t have to do this Zeke,” Ame said as she sat up and cupped Zeke’s head in her hands, “I’m not going to force you to something if you’re afraid.”

Zeke growled softly and shook his head, “I’m not afraid Ame-sama. It’s just…”

Ame finished his sentence for him. “You’d be more comfortable faced with a cock than my cunt. Right?”

“Y-yeah,” Zeke admitted sheepishly as Ame cuddled him, “I’m sorry Ame-sama. I want you, I really do, but I can’t go down on you.”

Ame patted Zeke’s knee and then shifted so that their legs were entwined and their bodies were pressed close together. She kissed him quickly and stroked her hands over Zeke’s back, trying to calm him down.

“It’s okay. We can skip the oral and move on to the main event.” Zeke yelped as Ame pushed him down onto his back and he blinked up at her curiously. “Wha-mphm!” Ame crushed her lips to Zeke’s, cutting him off as she straddled him.

“Shut up,” Ame hissed as she reached a hand back to turn on the vibrator that was still buried inside of Zeke, ”Just shut up and enjoy this.”

With that said, Ame impaled herself on Zeke’s erection. Her head dropped back as Zeke’s length seemed to throb inside of her and she moaned his name. Zeke squirmed beneath her, rocking his hips up in tiny circles to ease the pressure. “Fuck…this feels so good…Ame-sama.” Zeke gasped out as his hands flew up to grip the brunette’s hips.

Ame moaned huskily as she rode Zeke, slamming her hips down almost frantically. Zeke felt so good inside of her, so warm and thick and hard that it made her whimper. She knew that this wouldn’t last long; they had been waiting for far too long.

And she was a very impatient woman.

“Oh…Oh…OH!” Zeke reared up and clung to Ame’s hips as he pounded into her with more force and dominance than she had seen all night. His face flushed and a low groan escaped his lips as Ame’s slick muscles clenched around him.

His orgasm came upon him in a blinding wash of light and sound. His eyes rolled back into his head and he screamed Ame’s name as he pumped the brunette full of his cum.

It was everything that Zeke could imagine and yet, not enough.

It was almost a relief when everything went black.


“Aww fuck,” Ame groaned as she slid her hands down over her bruised hips and sides, “I’m going to be so fucking sore tomorrow.” Zeke lay beside her on the bed, his hair tangled and his skin dotted with love bites and bruises.

He still hadn’t regained consciousness.

Ame smiled wryly and rubbed her hand over Zeke’s hip in slow circles. Zeke was so cute but even after his amazing performance, Ame knew that she wasn’t his type.

She knew with no uncertainty in her heart that after their moment was over, that Zeke would go back to his boyfriend.

Zeke stirred slowly, sitting up and wincing as his back protested the movement. He blinked those pretty blue eyes up at Ame and smiled brightly.

“That was fun.” He slurred happily. Ame giggled and pulled Zeke closer, cuddling him and trailing kisses along his throat. “I’m glad you liked it. Maybe next time-“

Ame cut herself off midsentence and sighed. Zeke didn’t seem to hear her and he entertained himself with plaiting Ame’s glossy hair into tiny braids.

“What are you going to do in the morning?” Ame asked, trying to keep her voice carefree and light. “Are you going back to your boyfriend?”

Zeke rolled his shoulders in a careless shrug. “I don’t know, I guess I could try to reason with him.” He gnawed at his bottom lip as he caressed Ame’s thick hair and his full lips drew into a tiny frown. “Yeah…I’ll go back for now.”

Ame sighed and smiled at Zeke, petting his abs lightly. “Well, if you want, I could give you my phone number and if you ever need anything at all I’d be more than happy to help you out.”

A serene smile passed over Zeke’s lips, as he hugged the woman close. “Thanks.”

This just could be a beginning of a wonderful friendship…

The End…For Now.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hectic Heterosexuals

Never before have I been stuck in a rut like this.

After over four years of writing nothing but slash, I've decided to write good ole-fashioned het. And I've decided to use my gay,slutty, bottom-boy, Zeke as the star. None of my friends get why I would randomly change the sexual preference of one of my oldest characters for the sake of challenging myself.

But it's definitely not permanent. Hell, since I can't even get past the foreplay I doubt it'll even be finished. But I think it came to me while I was in my ENC1102 class on Thursday (or was it in my Art Appreciation class on Wednesday?) I don't remember. But the idea was notable because for the first time, I had managed to create a female character that's in touch with her sexuality, not above using it to get what she wants, and able to rationalize.

Yeah...that doesn't sound like much but to my friends, to people that are used to reading about Natalee, Izzie, and Sade, Ame comes off like a breath a of fresh air.

I'll explain.

Natalee- Zeke's oldest sister. Natalee is the head of her own Yakuza gang. She's cold, deadly, and decidedly insane. Her great idea to keep her baby brother from hooking up with his best friend Yuki was to sell him. She's even cruel to her husband Koyu. She shot him in the leg on their first date. And did I mention that she's crazy?

Izzie-Izzie is hard to define. She has a lot of sex but she hates herself every single time. I don't actually like her very much but I'm taking steps to reinvent her into a huntress. I really don't like Izzie, probably because I based her off of myself.

Sade- Another violent, insane character. Sade is a power-top with dreams of world domination. She was created to be the yin to Izzie's yang. She's a fiery, red haired, Russian with anger problems and a really big whip. Sade is a lost cause, she once beat Izzie so badly in a fight that I had to pull a crossover and have Natalee down her with a tranquilizer.

In comparison, Ame was designed with men in mind: What they want. What they like to see.

She's sweet yet bold, unashamed to flaunt her sexuality. She also understands the concept of the 'one-night stand' better than any of my male characters. (More on this when I finish writing.)

But anyways, the main reason for making Zeke heterosexual for the moment is to move along the canon of my universe. So it's not the best reason to create a character and mess with the natural order, but it's the best that I've got.